Car Maintenance Tips

Car Maintenance Tips

Car Maintenance Tips - Gossett Kia - Memphis, TN

Proper car maintenance starts with you. Whether you’re ready to take on DIY tasks like oil changes, or just want to be aware of what your car needs to stay in good condition, this guide will start you on the right path.

Read the owner’s manual

The best way to provide proper car for your vehicle is to become acquainted with it. Read through its owner’s manual to learn about its recommended maintenance schedule. Use the manual to learn about the different parts of your vehicle under the hood, which will help you to perform inspections on your own in between visits to the garage.

Regular inspections

You will learn more about your vehicle’s needs if you roll up your sleeves and take a peek under the hood every month or so. This habit will help you build familiarity with your vehicle so that you can spot signs like corrosion on the battery, damages to belts, or other indications that service is needed.

Know the service lights

Another way to be in touch with your car’s needs is through the service lights. Be sure that you’re aware of what each light indicates so that you can address issues quickly and accurately as they arise, whether you handle them yourself or bring your car to a mechanic.

Check tires

Your car’s tires are the only points where the vehicle makes contact with the road, so of course they take a lot of wear and tear. Get in the habit of checking the tires every other week or so, looking for signs of damage, worn treads, or low air pressure.

Check fluids

Checking the fluids in your vehicle is easy to do with the help of your owner’s manual. Be sure that you’re getting your car’s oil change at the recommended increments, and check regularly to see that all other fluids are topped off. 

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