Proper Brake Maintenance

Proper Brake Maintenance

Proper Brake Maintenance - Gossett Kia - Memphis, TN

Your vehicle’s brakes are an essential component of safe driving. As such, it’s important to practice responsible, consistent brake maintenance to keep your car’s brakes in the best working condition possible.

Learn to drive the right way

A big part of brake maintenance is learning how to treat the brakes well on a daily basis. Don’t drive in ways that will wear them down more quickly. Think of it this way — the more and harder you use the brakes, the sooner they will need replaced. Find ways to cut down on braking, like increasing your distance from cars in front of you, coming to gradual stops at stop lights, and avoiding sudden stops from high speeds.

Clean the car

Not only does extra weight in your vehicle decrease its efficiency, it makes it harder on the brakes to slow momentum. Cleaning out unnecessary objects from your car or choosing a car with a lower weight will help the brakes to last longer.

Flush the fluid

Brake fluid is an important part of healthy brakes. It’s what keeps the internal parts of the brake system working well. You should have your car’s brake fluid flushed (drained and replaced with new fluid) every couple of years. If you’ve recently purchased a used vehicle or drive an older model, this step is particularly important in keeping up with brake maintenance.

Don’t be too frugal

Saving money always feels good, but buying the least-expensive brake replacement parts might not be the best idea. Talk to your mechanic about which options may work best for your vehicle and your driving style, and be willing to invest in higher-quality parts.

Consult the owner’s manual

Each car is made differently, and will have different recommended maintenance schedules. Consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the most accurate suggestions as to when you should replace brake pads, calipers, or rotors, flush fluids, or perform other brake maintenance tasks.

If you want your car’s brakes to be inspected, tuned up, or replaced by trained professionals, bring your vehicle to Gossett Kia.

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