How to Spring Clean Your Car

How to Spring Clean Your Car

Spring Clean Your Car - Gossett Kia - Memphis, TN

You’ve heard of spring cleaning for your home, but have you ever thought to spring clean your car? You can get your car ready for summer road trips, spring sports, and every other ride by taking on these three simple steps towards a cleaner car.

Wash the Exterior

A good spring cleaning starts with a clean exterior. With the weather warm enough to avoid freezing, take your car into a car wash, or wash at home with car wash soap and a gentle sponge. If you’ve been driving anywhere near snow, ice, or road salts this winter, you’ll need to be sure to give a good rinse to the undercarriage with a pressure wash.


Start tackling the interior by removing any trash or forgotten items from the floor, seats, and trunk of your car. Stay organized in the future by keeping a small bag for trash in the backseat of your vehicle.

Clean Floors and Upholstery

Once large items are out of the way, you can vacuum your car’s interior before washing the seats and floors. Buy a gently upholstery cleaner designed for cars, or if you have leather seats use a leather-safe product and follow with a protective solution.

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