How to Find Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

How to Find Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

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Major automakers all offer electric vehicles in their lineups and sales of EVs are climbing. One thing that many people wonder is how to find charging stations to plug in your vehicle.

Plugging In

First of all, most EV drivers charge their vehicles at home when they are not using them. It is most common to plug in after you get home from work and then the car is fully charged when you need it again in the morning.

But what if you are on a trip or need to charge at work? The number of public charging stations is growing rapidly and you can download an app to help you find them.

Finding a Charge

The U.S. Department of Energy has an app called the Alternative Fuel Station Locator and it is available for Apple iPhone or Android phones. There are others called PlugShare, Open Charge Map, and Charge Hub that all help EV drivers locate a place to plug in. All EVs use U.S. standard Level 2 chargers otherwise known as SAE J1772. Tesla models have a different configuration, but adapters are available. Most charging stations are level 2 or DC fast chargers.

Paying the Bill

The Department of Energy currently lists nearly 18,000 charging stations across the U.S. in mostly urban areas. But plugging in is only one aspect. Before you take your EV on a long trip, be sure to join a charging network like Electrify America in order to pay for your juice.

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