3 Day Trip Destinations near Memphis

3 Day Trip Destinations near Memphis

Day Trip Destination - Gossett Kia - Memphis, TN

Spring is the perfect time to take a day trip if you need a short escape from the daily grind. Here are 3 day trip destinations near Memphis.

Como, Mississippi

Located just 47 miles from Memphis, Como is sure to satisfy carnivores and architect geeks alike. This Mississippi town is home to Como Streakhouse, where you can sink your teeth into some hearty, meat-focused dishes. Stop by Home Place Pastures, a fifth-generation family farm dedicated to raising livestock humanely. Then stroll the city streets to glimpse some of the buildings that Andrew Johnson constructed.

Heber Springs, Arkansas

Cool off at Heber Springs, less than a few hours’ drive from Memphis. This site has amenities for daredevils and young children alike. Cliff jump at Dam Site Recreation Area, where the drop-offs range from 3-30 feet, to suit different levels of boldness. If you have young ones, head to the swimming or sandy beach areas to pitch a tent and enjoy a fun day outing. Remember to bring drinks and snacks, as well as towels, sunscreen, and hats to keep everyone comfortable.

LaGrange, Tennessee

Whether you prefer kayaking or canoeing, LaGrange is worth a visit. Hone your paddling skills as you navigate the Ghost River section of Wolf River, taking in the cypress trees on the banks. It spans 9 miles which translates to a 6-8 hour trip, depending on how fast you go. The put-in place is at LaGrange and has a gravel access road with parking area. The take-out place is at Bateman Road and has a similar setup.

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