Kia Donates $1 million to Charity

Kia Donates $1 million to Charity

Yards Against Homelessness - Gossett Kia - Memphis, TN

Kia Motors has delivered charitable donations totaling $1 million to three charities that work to end youth homelessness in the USA. This is part of Kia’s Yards Against Homelessness campaign that was launched at the culmination of the 2019 NFL season.

Running for charity

As part of Kia’s “Give It Everything” initiative, the automaker partnered with NFL running back Josh Jacobs in the Yards Against Homelessness campaign. The company donated $1,000 for every yard gained during the game between the Chiefs and 49ers.

The game total was 748 yards, and Kia bumped up their donation to a round $1 million. Three charities have received the donations: Covenant House, StandUp for Kids and Positive Tomorrows. The groups each work to aid homeless youth. The homeless population in the United States is estimated at 4.2 million, and while $1 million will not solve the problem, it is a step in the right direction. Jacobs began the campaign because he suffered periods of homelessness as a child.

Kia quality

Kia Motors America has its headquarters in Irvine, California, and consistently receives high marks for brand quality from J.D. Powers and others. Kia has partnered with professional sports leagues, such as the NFL and NBA, for several years to aid various charitable ventures. Because of this and much more, Gossett Kia is proud to be part of the Kia family.

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