Winter Car Care Tips in Memphis, TN

Winter Car Care Tips in Memphis, TN

Winter Car Care Tips - Gossett Kia - Memphis, TN

While Tennessee might not experience the extreme cold and amount of snowfall that other states do, there are still some car-care tasks you’ll want to perform during the cooler months. We’ve rounded up four winter car care tips to keep your vehicle in great shape.

Check your tire pressure

Frequently inspect your tires for signs of deflation. A 10-degree drop in air temperature means that your tires can lose up to one pound per square inch of air pressure. Underinflated tires can impact your vehicle’s handling and reduce its grip on the road. It can also cause tread separation and premature tire wear.

Inspect the battery

If it’s been a while since you got a new battery, it’s a good idea to test it before chillier weather arrives. A battery with a low charge is more prone to dying in the winter, which increases your risk of getting stranded.

Change the washer fluid

Visibility is important all year-round in Memphis, but especially when driving in winter. Keep your vehicle’s windshield washer fluid level full to ensure that you have a clean windshield no matter what road salt, sleet, and debris accumulates during your travels.

Test the climate control and defroster

Before winter arrives, test out your vehicle’s climate control and defrost systems to make sure that they’re working properly. That way you can enjoy a warm cabin on chilly mornings and nights, and keep glass surfaces clear in foggy or frosty conditions.

Gossett Kia wishes you and your loved ones an enjoyable and safe winter. Remember to call us to schedule your Kia’s seasonal service appointment, if you haven’t done so already.

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