A First Look at the New Kia Stinger GT

A First Look at the New Kia Stinger GT

new Kia Stinger GT

Departing from its fun, quirky image, Kia has decided to surprise the auto industry with a cool new ride—the new Kia Stinger GT. With a sporty fastback sedan design and a rear-wheel drive platform, the Stinger GT is engineered to appeal to auto enthusiasts looking for something a little more athletic from the Kia brand. This smooth-driving car takes its design inspiration from the Maserati Ghibli, and it doesn’t disappoint.

When the Kia Stinger GT goes on sale in North America in the fall, it will offer interested buyers their choice of two turbocharged gas engine options. The entry-level 2.0-liter turbo will crank out 255 horsepower, while the next step up, the 3.3-liter twin-turbo, will deliver a staggering 365 horsepower. While Kia has released some sporty-looking rides in the past—think the Kia Cadenza or Kia Optima Turbo—the brand hasn’t yet launched a nameplate with a more powerful, quick ride until now, of course.

The new Kia Stinger GT isn’t designed to just look good—though it definitely does; it’s also made to drive like a dream. Plus, it has a spacious, comfortable, and elegant interior where you and your passengers can stretch out your legs.

Keep an eye on our lot here at Gossett Kia for the Stinger GT’s launch this fall.